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to bring you the forecast for your st. patrick's weekend. >>> it's a big change for the city of hayward, a new major project that changed two lanes of traffic into a loop through downtown. noelle walker reports about what the project is all about and why some business owners are worried. >> reporter: the preparations have been under way for weeks in downtown hayward. through new lights, new cameras and now action. >> change is good. most change is for the better. >> reporter: traffic signs have been warning drivers of tonight's big change. turning left is not right. >> we expect a little bit of confusion. >> we're doing this because it's eight clock. >> so you knew it was coming? >> yeah. >> reporter: at 8:00 the city flipped a new light on a new downtown hayward loop. it turns three main arteries into one way streets it's also turning some seasoned drivers into novice navigators. >> do you know what's happening? >> no. >> do you know where you're going? >> sushi. >> this animation shows the downtown loop around mission, foothill and eighth street. the goal of the $80 million project is
. >>> crews are busy working on some big changes on the golden gate bridge, which go into effect next wednesday. that is when toll takers go away, and a new electronics system goes online. drivers will have to use fast track. drivers who do nothing will be caught by cameras, and a toll bill will be sent to them in the mail. >>> on wall street today, technology stocks helped drive the major indexes down. the dow was office 90 points, or .6%. the nasdaq dropped 32, or about 1%, and closed at 3,222. leading the tech stocks on their decline was oracle, which reported an unexpected drop in 3rd quarter sales. the redwood city based company took a beating with investors with its stock down almost 10% today. analysts say oracle effects other tech stocks disproportionately, because it reports its earnings earlier than most other tech companies. >>> sales has approved a 4 for 1 stock split. the change will take effect on april 3, increasing the number of shares from 400 million, to 1.6 billion. the shares of the software management company closed at a record high on march 1, when sale
at the convention. >> extra security and a stronger police presence, some of the changes that the first friday event in oakland's uptown neighborhood. let's hear more about the changes and a new emphasis on safety. >> reporter: it ended about an hour ago but venders have taken down the stands but there's plenty of people still in the area. >> reporter: this band kicked off tonight's live entertainment, people dancing, and glad that the city hasn't lost its rhythm. it's a family-oriented activity and extra security was hired. this boy was shot and killed following last month's first friday event. >> it's been marred by violence lately, and it's unfortunate. when you look at what the city is trying to do to change the image of oakland, you know, this is sort of our calling card. >> reporter: organizers say this event is important to the identity of the city and the culture. >> this is one thing we can do to help the area, and i want to the do more than just the first friday. >> reporter: there is no drinking in public and ending the event an hour earlier at 9:00. first friday covers seven blocks,
change to the church's conservative stance on issues such as abortion, contraception, gay marriage, or the role of women in the church. >> there are some other aspects of the new pope that set him apart as well. he apparently rode the bus to work in buenos aries and cooked his own food. >> reporter: the sight of the white smoke ignited a chilling roar from those in vatican city. the bells of st. peters basilica started rang. at about 8:15 p.m. in vatican city, pope francis emerged from the balcony. [ cheering ] >> reporter: the first pope from south america. the first pope to name himself francis, and the first pope who is a jesuit. is known as a man who can blend first world with third world. old with with new. in a sign some say shows his humility. >> first, i ask a favor of you. >> reporter: he asked catholics around the world to bless him. >> i ask that you pray to the lord so that he blesses me. >> reporter: so pope francis bowed, and absolute silence descended on vatican city. >> at one point, i got chills just from the silence and the respect that everyone had around me. >>
is live where she spoke to the child's father about the changes that need to happen, amber -- >> reporter: just a few minutes ago i spoke to the father of elijah lee. he said his son successfully underwent surgery and that he's relieved the baby is expected to recover. tonight police are looking for the man who was lying in wait and opened fire on a bicyclists. a stray bullet injured a baby who was inside a near by apartment. reshan lee tells us the baby was under the care of the baby's grandmother. >> he's my life, you know. i was with him this morning at 6:00 when i went to work. >> reporter: he told police he was holding his child. a victim said multiple shots were fired. >> i heard pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: police say they only have a general description of the suspect. a black man in dark clothing it appears he fired more than a thousand shots. piercing the walls of an apartment. >> we need more stricter gun laws bottom line. this shouldn't happen. my son didn't do nothing to nobody, i don't do nothing to nobody. i go to work and come home. it's not my fault living in the same area
with the forecast. >> changes at facebook. what the company says is behind its latest redesign. >>> the world's most popular social networking site unveiled a new look today. the redesign of facebook's news feed faces a greater emphasis on photos and video will less text. the site also includes news feeds one for friends, one for photos and one for the brands you follow. mark zuckerberg introduced the new look. >> because news feed supports such a great brand of context type as a way we all share. >> the redesign also offers more space for advertisers. the company stock was up 4% today closing at $28.58 a share. >>> the state senate approved a measure advocating $27,000 to get guns out of people's hands who aren't supposed to own them. mark lenno wrote the bill. that list includes convicted tphroápbs, -- felons, the mentally unstable. >>> another bill introduced by leno would require both the san francisco and san mateo board of supervisors to attend gun shows at the cal palace before they take place. three gun shows are scheduled there in the next six months. leno plans to hold a news conference
out the lights for one hour, all to raise awareness of climate change. this video from moscow, participating for the first time this year in earth hour. by turn off the lights at kremlin and other landmarks. the world wildlife fund started earth hour back in 2007. >>> light were turned out tonight in london, landmarks, such as the houses of parliament, buck ham palace and the tower of london all went dark and in the bay area the bay bridge was one of the local landmarks participating. the new bay bridge lights show was turned off just before 9:00. >>> a major development in the push to keep the kings from leaving sacramento. the preliminary deal struck today by the city and a group of investors. >>> the ayes are 50, the nays are 49. >> the senate passed a budget today in washington, why there is little hope it can be reconciled with the house version. >>> oakland police work to crackdown on crime and they are not alone. the outside forces now assisting to keep the streets seattle . >>> we have new developments in the fight to keep the sacramento kings from leaving. sacramento
home today. >> we have low clouds and fog right now but changes developing offshore. coming up at 10:37. the timing of the next storm and how many rainfall you can expect in your neighborhood. ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! >>> ceremonies today in selma alabama marks the 48th anniversary of a bloody chapter in the movement. they were beaten and tear gassed by police in 1971. the voting rights act was signed into law later that year. this year's commemoration comes a few days after the court heard arguments of overturning extensions of a key act. >>> black headed men and carved crying women filled the streets outside the temple where a funeral was
change just in the last couple of hours here in the north bay. of course this storm is on the move. live in marin county, ken wayne. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the winds are blowing we will see some high wind advisory on those bridge s if we haven't already. the san rafael richmond bridge, let's take a look at the system as it comes in real close. it's raining throughout the bay area right now. this thing is right on schedule. we'll come in and see some yellow in the oakland hills. we'll come in in the north bay and we're looking at rainfall around napa it's pretty heavy right now and the american canyon area by 29. if you head out towards vallejo and martinez. these yellows that's significant rainfall. it's coming down hard and you're having a rough time seeing when you're driving. check out berkeley and oakland. steady rain here with the greens. we are seeing really heavy stuff coming in over the hills right now. as a matter of fact let's put this many motion and we get a feel for the motion of the showers. they're moving off very rapidly out toward the west there. let's take another pe
's so lock it will have great flexibility to deal with everything from bearing traffic loads to changing temperatures to great earthquakes. >> the concrete needs to cure for about a week after then it will be strong enough for vehicles to travel over it. >> reporter: 5:00 a.m. september 3rd it will be open for at least 150 years of business, also opening in what will be the year of infrastructure, the slide and caldecott tunnels. tom vacar, chase utley charl. >> more detail awe take another live look at bay bridge. caltrans says crews still have a lot do before the new eastern span opens september 3rd including coating and painting the main cable, installing the light and utilities, finishing paving and installing expansion joints to allow the bridge to flex during an earthquake. >>> for more on the new eastern span, including raw video from today's concrete pour, just go to our website, and clerk which are on "the bay bridge project" tab. >>> now to our continuing coverage on preparations to elect a successor to pope benedict. today crew set up a chimney on the roof of the si
, the vatican has changed the stove. stay with the 10:00 news later this hour the big bets on who will be the next pope and which cardinals have the best odds. >>> also a protest at st. mary's cathedral. the use of pink smoke to highlight one issue. >>> the dow managed to postan eighth consecutive gain. the nasdaq dropped 10. so far this year the dow is up 10%. >>> some promising news for people who like hostess twinkies and hohos. today the company announced they have chosen a buyer for their brand. apollo global management and metropolis and company bid $410 million. the deal still needs approval. the firm hopes to have hostess brands back on store shelves as soon as possible. >>> the panese restaurant is pushing an opening date to march 30th. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. although firefighters have said they believe it was electrical. >>> attacked in a college shower. what the victim did to fight back. >> that's crazy. and it's terrible. >>> unusual weather for early march. where we'll see 80-degree temperatures tomorrow. >> i'm here with mike judge famed
this morning. tonight, we learned about plans to remember the san jose musician, and changes coming to the train tracks where he was killed. >> i am 16 years old. >> reporter: the 16-year-old seen in this video was known for his love of one thing. >> music has been a big part of my life. >> reporter: he played bass and guitar, and loved jazz and blues. >> everybody knew him as the guy who could play the guitar. >> reporter: his life ended yesterday afternoon where he was hit and killed by a train. >> at this point in the investigation, there's nothing to indicate that this was the result of foul play, or an intentional act. >> he was known around campus, and everyone was just sad. everything was quiet. >> reporter: in the last month, jonathan won first place in a local school art contest for this original song entitled hard lessons. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: he said the award inspired him to write more and touch people's lives. >> definitely has motivated me to keep going. >> reporter: despite illegal signs posted it was a well known short cut. >> i can't believe it happened. i jus
about the change of the system will be looking for toll takers. this is the last time you will be seeing a human being in the toll booth. >> reporter: how is it going? >> hey we're hanging in there. >> reporter: on this last day on the job the hardest part has been saying goodbye. >> it's so nice to hear the public express themselves to us, yeah. especially on such a difficult day. >> reporter: after midnight the system will switch to an all electronic toll way. >> i was picking up my transponder because all of my friends at the golden gate bridge are going to be gone as of today. >> reporter: many tell us they'll miss the tradition of paying it forward by paying the toll for the driver behind them and the human connection that it represents. others say they can't believe it has taken this long to automate the old system. >> i don't understand why. there's so many people that are waiting to go through. >> reporter: the spokeswoman for the bridge says the change will save money. $16million over the next eight years. and time. by easing congestion. >> you can just imagine all the traffic n
is called open access. >> they say knowledge is power. government hasn't really kept up with all the changes. >> reporter: on this evening vargas was helping put together computer programs that would have not so traditionally radical intent of allowing oaklanders to find foreclosed homes and even find out which street drains are plugged up. oakland resident akerman spoke about getting open oakland in contact with young people living in the city. >> it was a big surprise to me when i moved to oakland and i found myself in the middle of a war zone. >> reporter: they're finding the digital divide may not be a real issue. >> there's a perception that the under class in oakland isn't using the internet and that they don't have access to it and informs they do. >> reporter: some young people in akerma's neighborhood used pictures to show off guns. >> well yeah, i google a lot of things. >> reporter: like what? >> like for instance right now we're looking for a place to live. >> reporter: lisa hernandez was cruising through the area of oakland known as deep east and to the rest of the area as east
matters. >>> the republican party is looking to make big changes a report out today outline it is party's plans. this so called autopsy is calling for the gop to shift its focus. >> reporter: after mitt romney lost last november, party leaders, ordered an autopsy on what went wrong. they released the findings in a report called the growth in opportunity project. >> we need to do a much better job crafting our message to appeal to voters from demographics who have not been voting republican. >> reporter: the report says they need to reach out to minorities especially latino voters who overwhelmingly supported president obama. republicans should tailor their message. >>> the message should be we are going to provide, opportunities, without regard to the color of your skin. >> reporter: it urges them to reach out to women. >> marketing politics is like a product you have to use messaging specific to the target to succeed. >> reporter: we asked voters downtown walnut creek. >> the generation my children are growing up and have a much different view of the world than the republican party of
a solution though. >> reporter: and they believe there are better options like changing the way future retiree health benefits are funded so that's why they're here to get the public's attention and get them to contact congress. >> the bottom line is you want to keep the postoffices open. you want to continue to have saturday delivery. you need to make sure to let congress know to set reasonable changing. >> reporter: eliminating saturday mail delivery is reasonable. saving $2 billion. the postmaster general addressed the topic earlier this week. >> we lost 27% of our total value of mail you can't sit back and do nothing. >> we need to make sure that our folks are able to get their mail delivered and to deliver their mail on saturdays. >> six day delivery of course is very, very convenient for us. >> reporter: letter carriers are hoping people won'twant to give it up so bay area residents are being divided. >> it wouldn't bother me five day, six days. >> reporter: for now they're continuing to prepare to continue saturday mail delivery come august. in san francisco, ann rubin, ktvu cha
storms rolling off of the pacific would be accurate, that changes if we continue to see low snow and rainfall totals for a series of years. in marin county, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and it has been a dry january and a dry february in the bay area and in the mountains. check out december, remember how wet that was. 158% of average. san jose was 144% of average. january we only had five days of rain. not heavy at that. three days of rain in february. and where does that leave us, we're way down. 85% of average right now in santa rosa. san jose just 71% of average. so rainfall and snowfall way off from now. when i come back we'll be talking about the long range forecast which does show a little bit of rain. >>> benedict xvi says goodbye. >> this is an eyesore, it's annoying. >> the incentive for whoever cleans it up for good. >>> and remains for one, how long it was there and how it was found. >>> they say it's more than just an eyesore, community activists have organized a trash tour to show us the potential hazards created bid trash dumping. patti lee has how hard t
to fight for a chain knowledge regulation she hopes will save lives -- change in regulation he hopes will save lives. amber. >> reporter: we are at fire station number 35 here along the san francisco water front the retired fire captain suffered a rare form of kidney cancer tells us he doesn't want others to suffer the same or deal. >> probably nasty, oilchemicals from different fires. >> reporter: this blackened helmet is what he wore the 27 years he worked for san francisco fire department. it is a treasured item but a reminder what forced him into early retirement a decade ago, a boyhood dream cut short. >> i was peeing blood. within one week i knew i had kidney cancer. >> reporter: his doctor told him it likely resulted from exposure to toxic chemicals such as those found in flame retardants. >> when we walk into a building on fire we are working in a toxic chemical atmosphere. >> reporter: more than 100 san francisco firefighters have died from cancer in the past 10 years many are battling it in retirement. retardants are required in foam cushions. >> 67,308 as of this evening.
you see? cranes. 47 of them are changing the skyline, but none more so than the building that will go here. there was a ceremonial groundbreaking today for what will be the transbay tower. it will be the tallest building west of the mississippi. >> we just decided to be the tallest in san francisco. the fact that it's the tallest in the west it boosts the spirits of people, but that's not important. >> much more than the terminal an the hub. it's really the focal point of a comprehensive plan marking the new center of downtown. >> reporter: the transportation center includes new office space, retail shops, housing, parks and new jobs. the city is hoping if they build it, high speed rail will come through. >> what if high speed rail does not happen? >> i usually don't think about what if things fail? i usually think about what we could do to make them succeed. >> reporter: the tower and terminal will anchor a new downtown district that's deck aides in the making. this corner i'm standing on will look very different. in san francisco, noel walker, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> internet user
down vale avenue. chang was a member of the trackteam. she was scheduled to compete at her first track meet in a week. >>> a former high school football player turned college student is campbell's first homicide in more than five years. ktvu's amber lee is in santa clara now where more than 100 people came out tonight to remember the 18-year-old who may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: julie, tonight's vigil for richard vega was held here at santa clara high school where he graduated last year. friends and family tell us they are shocked by his death. >> reporter: the chill on this march night was easier to bare than the chill in their hearts. family, friends, coaches and teachers gathered on the field where richard vega played football for the santa clara high bruins. >> i think you god for remembering him with that big old smile. remembering him with his crazy jokes, and his little moments. >> reporter: vega was attending deaza college and working at a phone store. someone shot vega who died at the hospital. >> we heard two gunshots. i heard a guy say hel
. she's thinking about being here now. >>> a shooting changed the course of her life. today, gabrielle giffords returns to the scene of the crime. her call for action on gun control. >> bill martin working on his complete bay area forecast. he's back at 10:45, with when we'll see the next round of rain. >> up next, a security scare that allowed a thorough security scare today at the sacramento airport. >>> a paraglider in southern california had to be rescued after he slammed into a cliff. it happened near the torrey  pines glider port. a helicopterhoisted him to safety. his injuries are said to be nonlife-threatening. >>> two amazing discoveries at the sacramento airport. a flight atentant on a southwest plane discovered a bullet hole in the cabin. >> the captain, just as a precautionary measure wanted the flight checked, because the flight attendant found a .22 caliber cartridge. >> nothing else was found onboard. in an unrelated incident, at the sacramento airport today, tsa agents discovered a loaded gun in a carry-on bag. the man had a concealed carry permit and forgot the gun w
violence. >> and nobody shoot nobody like none of that. i would just try to change everybody's minds. >> reporter: he was washing a car for a family member he often helped. when the shooting erupted he managed to push two young gulls -- young girls out of the way. >> the moments these children are going to get to enjoy. >> reporter: claire died on the scene leaving behind his 79- year-old father whom he cared for. >> i'm going to miss him. i'm gointo miss when he walked in the door late at night and he left the door open. i knew it was him. >> he touched a lot of lives around here. >> reporter: there will be a car wash tomorrow to help raise money for his family. reporting live in richmond, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> oakland police today released some frightening surveillance video of a robbery as it was happening. police say this armed robbery happened recently, you can hear the victim pleading for her life. officers have arrested two suspects in the case now. police say their numbers of this gang are growing. oakland police say officers took at least 16 members of a known
their return had to be delayed. >>> the weather was warm today, but that is about to change. meteorologist mark tamayo is next with when rain will return to the bay area forecast? . >>> and remember, you can get ktvu news to go, right on your cell phone. just download the ktvu apple and click the live icon and watch all of our newscasts live of be connected anywhere, anytime. mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive we're looking at the first of the crew members being extracted from the vehicle. we believe that that should be the soyuz commander. two russian cosmonauts an and american astronaut back on earth tonight after five months on the iss senior vice president the three men land early this morning in the saks shan. trio were suppos
now light. but that changes around as we get into the next few hours. the computer model goes into 2:00 a.m. then it starts going again. most of us are asleep. we move it forward to 6:00 a.m. many folks in their cars now. roadways wet for the morning commute. the morning commute looks wet. 6:00 a.m., then you get into the noontime and you have more showers. so it just keeps coming, wave after wave. we'll roll the model through tomorrow and take it into thursday and go looking into your weekend and the five day. >>> pope francis was officially installed as the head of the roman catholic church in vatican city today. he was given the fisherman's ring. pope francis called on the followers to protect the poorest, weakest and least important. later he stood for two hours greeting visitors. after that he spoke by phone with the former pope benedict. >>> comcast flips the switch on a big upgrade. the change internet users may notice right away. >>> when businesses vandalize with the damaged sign and graffiti. nothing compared to what happened to all the businesses across the street. >>> for
's changing around. look at this system, sitting out here, slowly working its way to the coast. you can see these showers with nothing hitting the ground yet. we had upper 70s today. it looks like rain off the north bay. that's really the atmosphere. it's raining but evaporating before it hits the ground. as we get into the next 24 hours, it's going to get wet around here. when i come back, the latest computer model, and i will walk you through the forecast. >> reporter: let's go to jana with what the organizers of easter egg hunts plan to do when the storm rolls in. >> reporter: union street has a celebration every year on easter sunday. you can see they have the signs up. this year they are planning for the possibility that it may rain on their parade. there was an easter bunny sighting today, it was on pink and white wheels, from the floppy ears to the cotton tail. the staff at just jewels make a float every year for the annual celebration, bringing thousands of people out on easter sunday for crafts, pony rides, and an easter bunny contest. >> first thing i like is in the morning, the e
businesses to businesses in the embarcadero. >> reporter: in the daylight you may not notice the changes to the bay bridge. at night the effect can be breathtaking. the light project is still in the testing phase, on tuesday night 9:00 p.m. the lights go on for a two year light show. ben davis originally conceiveed the idea and now after 2-1/2 years and $6 million in private funds raised. he's now made his vision the reality. >> sometimes you see the bridge freeze, are you seeing something he likes. >> while the lights lights on the bridge will be visible. if you would like to see villareal turn on the switch, you have to go on their website. >> i think there's lots of reasons to come here personally. if you want to be part of history, but if you just want to see the lights, pace yourself. the work is going to be up for two years. >> water bar has been rented out by the company behind the project and says there's already a lot of interest in the light show. >> we already did good amounts of business especially in the evening. our window requests are pretty outrageous at the moment and w
-sex spouses for a green card. san jose congressman plan to change that. >>> tomorrow, students will put away their books and look forward to summer employment. the competition for jobs is fierce. >> reporter: right now this is the only water at water world california. but with the parks opening just a few weeks away, the cleaning and hiring are already taking off. >> reporter: applicants lined up at the concord hilton looking for a chance to work. these job seekers say they haven't found any improvement yet. >> this is the only job i can get. i could not even get a holiday job. >> reporter: summer jobs may be a different story. just this week, jamba juice said they will be hiring 400 people. still they say they are getting thousands of applicants for those jobs. >> it is a lot. because we are seeing teenagers and adults kind of competing for a lot of the same positions. >> among them 36-year-old michelle kitterman. >> it's real -- really hard to find a job. i don't know maybe it's just my age bracket. they want younger or way older. >> reporter: still applicants are trying to stay positive.
said the changes are set to take effect april 25th despite strong opposition from pilots and flight attendants. he has been called before the house homeland security committee. >>> this is a good week to look towards the heavens and catch a glimpse of the passing comet. astronomers say you should be able to see it with the naked eye, 30 minutes after sunset. look where the sun is setting and a bit left it should be as bright as one of the stars in the big dipper, a little fuzzy with a tail. >>> six bay area high school students are in washington dc, competing for a $100,000 scholarship. she is working on fluorescent imaging technology that would allow surgeons to detect cancer cells during operation. >> before surgery you get mris or like ct scans but those only get the main shape of the tumour but you can't see individual cells that is a big challenge for the surgeon they don't really know what exactly to take out. >> other bay area students in this competition are kevin chen of fremont,. >>> donald trump offered to help the obama administration. in 8 minutes ... >> an oakland man
changes. i'll talk about that and then there's some rain. there's rain showing up. i'll show you when that gets here as well. >>> it was lin-sanity at san francisco tonight. jeremy lin is known for his rise to fame last year. the center for asian american media presented a documentary about his life tonight as a kick off to an 11 day film and culture celebration. advanced tickets were sold out. but rush tickets were still available for those who lined up outside the theater early with their cash. >>> another cruise ship stranded. the new problems affecting dozens of carnival passengers just weeks after the company's last nightmare. >> a shark dies in a california swimming pool. the advertiser under fire for the commercial shoot. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. >>> in southern
you. okay, go! run. run as fast as you can, okay? run! jake: what could be powerful enough to change your path, change your future? an act of nature. an act of love. where's the girl? what girl? look, i don't know who the hell you are... i'm her mother. (panting) (gunshot) (wind whistling) jake: once this deviation happens, you find yourself on a new path, uncharted, unknown... and stretching out ahead of you. captioning sponsored by 20th century fox >>> a catholic high school parents are stunned after a coach admits in soliciting sex. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. a high school coach is under fire after admitting he used craigslist to solicittic sex while traveling with the catholic team. deborah villalon is live where we just found out that the coach also posted elicit pictures of himself. >> reporter: hello, the team just left. the team is known as the lady pride but the court side to the limelight and not in a way that makes the legion pride. >> he's a nice guy. great guy. i can't believe that. >> reporter: parents are shock
,000 workers a year. workers would get the same wage as usa citizen and be able to change jobs and they could seek permanent residency.. >>> members of the world- renowned san francisco symphony gave a new concert as they returned to the bargabling table with federal mediators in dispute overpay and benefits. noelle walker live in the city with what the performance was all about. >> reporter: heather, the mediation talks are going on right now and the concert was both public relations and music therapy in harmony. silent for weeks members of san francisco symphony made some noise. ♪[ music ] . beautiful noise. the musicians have been on strike for more than two weeks, but tonight they breathed life into the notes making them dance off the page and waft through temp the sherith. >> i love the fact had they are taking their own time to play for the public. but i think they deserve every penny they are asking for. >> reporter: donna candelori and the overeverfamily were first in line for the free concert. >> awesome. i would rather come to this. >> reporter: we got early access. as players t
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